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Unsure if I'm the suitable teacher for you / your child?

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Having a suitable teacher is important

It will affect your interest towards piano / music, and the process of learning will either be enjoyable or miserable.

If you have read "My Piano Journey", you will have understand how switching to a different teacher changed my life completely. If I had stayed with my first private piano teacher, I would not have been able to persevere and pursue my dream as a piano teacher.

THY Piano will not exist now.

1. Know Your Objective

What are your objective for you / your child?


If you only want your child to explore his / her interest in piano, you can find teachers with lower qualifications like Grade 8 Piano certified teacher. Even with lower qualifications, you need to ensure he / she can teach and communicate well with your child to spark interest. If you / your child wants to be pianist or piano teacher in future, you need to find teachers with minimum Piano Diploma certified teacher.

Click here refer to "Different Levels Of Teachers"

2. Good Communicating Skills

It is very important to find a teacher that can relate well with students.

A teacher may be very good at playing the piano, but lacks empathy or understanding towards students when it comes to teaching may affect their interest level in piano. Especially if young students find the lessons to be boring, they may not want to practise piano at all.

The free trial I offer to all new students is to see how me and the student can interact with each other.

I also like to keep parents updated with their child's learning progress. With the help of parents, students' interest can be developed more easily. After all, the time I spend with the child is only 30 - 60 mins per week.

3. Qualifications & Experience

The qualifications indicates the musical level of the teacher.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, you may end up with a teacher with lower qualifications and lesser teaching experience.

There isn't a fixed way of teaching as every student is unique. Experienced teachers, like myself, will know how to accommodate to each and every students' needs and learning abilities, and adjust our teaching method accordingly. Some students need a strict teacher to progress properly, while some students might not enjoy the lesson when the teacher is too strict. To ensure students enjoy my lessons without neglecting good piano skills, I strive a balance between being a fun and strict teacher.

Teachers with higher qualifications and experience will be able to give more constructive advise to help improve your piano skills, in both musicality and techniques.

Click here to view my qualifications

4. Passion

The teacher needs to have passion not just in piano / music but also in teaching.

Teachers are source of inspirations, and how they feel or think affects their students. If a teacher does not have passion in piano, it will be hard to relate to students who are passionate about it, and might in turn make them lose their passion instead.

5. Personal & Professional Growth

A teacher who constantly upgrade himself / herself will always find new inspirations, new ideas to improve their teaching, new techniques to share with their students.

Learning new pieces, attending online masterclasses and bootcamps, watching piano concerts helped me develop as a pianist and teacher.

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