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Common problem with students

  • When they can read notes well, they tend to play without using their ears

  • When they can play by ear well, they are lazy to use their eyes to read the notes


the most effective way of learning piano

is to utilise both our eyes and ears.

What most teachers / students don't realise

Scales, Sight-reading and Aural is a package

What you can expect

Through my training course, I will teach students how to practise all 3 components (Scales, Sight Reading and Aural) using only 1 Sight-reading book.

How fast a student can progress depends on his / her learning abilities,

but my method is 100% effective!

But remember there are no shortcuts, especially for Sight-reading and Aural.

Start by developing the habit of daily practice!

A simple tip teachers / students must try!

What materials I usually use?





: Individual

: 30 mins / 45 mins / 60 mins per lesson

: Grade 1 - 8



My home studio at Yishun Ave 4, Singapore

(Currently, I stopped doing home visits for piano teaching)

Student's first graded exam:

Full marks for ABRSM Grade 3 Aural test & passed Sight-reading

From total beginner to Grade 3 Piano exam in only 1 year!

Student's first graded exam:

ABRSM Grade 5 Aural test with only metre mistake

He was a total beginner and took less than 2 years to prepare for his Grade 5 Piano exam. Almost passed Sight-reading, but I'm proud of his progress!

Student's first graded exam:

Full marks for ABRSM Grade 2 Aural test & high marks for Sight-reading

Full marks for ABRSM Grade 1 Aural test & high marks for Sight-reading

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