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I wanted to be a piano teacher since young,

even before I started learning piano.

I love learning and playing piano, especially classical music.

I believe the process of learning piano should be enjoyable and not treated as a chore.

Under my guidance, most of my students are passionate about learning piano

and are able to practise independently on a daily basis.

I hope to be a role model and inspiration to my students.

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My piano journey was not all smooth sailing.

Despite being passionate, I have actually never thought that my dream as a piano teacher would be realised.

I only started learning piano at a neighbourhood music school at the age of 12.

At 19 year old, I questioned myself:

"Why is my playing so dull?"

"Why can't I make beautiful tones like others?"

Even though I was playing my pieces technically and rhythmically correct, I sounded like a robot and did not enjoy playing as much as I did before.

Like many people, I thought that as long as I hit all the correct notes with correct rhythm, it means I am a good piano player. So why does my playing sound so bad?

I did not know what I was lacking.

My teacher, at that point of time, was unable to tell me where and how I can / should improve.

Feeling stagnant and demoralised,

I decided to stop learning piano.


THY Piano was established!

I have been teaching private piano since 2013,

and now I am equipped with LTCL Piano Performance with Distinction!

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