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Hi, My name is Huiyan. Welcome to my piano website!

  • Teaching private piano since 2013

  • Distinction in LTCL Piano Performance (Bachelor degree equivalent)

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory

  • Piano accompanist for other instruments

Looking for private piano teacher

in North Singapore?

Why choose THY Piano?

  • Experienced and patient with children and adults (4 yo onwards)

  • Dedicated, passionate and able to relate to students of all ages

  • Help students regain, build up and sustain their interest in piano

  • Able to motivate students to practise

  • Help students increase their confidence

  • Students are exposed to simple improvising skills

  • Good communication skills with both students and parents

  • Parents will always be kept updated on their child’s learning progress

  • Experienced in handling children with special needs


Enjoyable Lesson!

  • Self-typed scores to accommodate each and every student’s learning ability and needs

  • Able to improve students’ techniques and musicality by learning songs they love

  • Include leisure songs of different genres!

Eg: Popular Classics, Movies, Pop, Jazz, Kpop, Kdramas, Animes, Games etc.


Exams related

  • Able to teach from Beginner to Diploma level (Piano)

  • Able to teach from Grade 1 - 8 Music Theory

  • Familiar with ABRSM, TCL, LCM exam syllabus

  • Help students cultivate a habit to practise sight reading regularly

  • Aural practice is NOT neglected as it is included in our usual lessons


Other Benefits

  • Students are exposed to public performances

  • Exposure to competitions (Both locally and internationally)

  • Experienced in preparing students for auditions for Music DSA-Secondary and SOTA

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